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Dan Brown Lowers Your IQ

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I don’t mean to offend with this; frankly I’m happy when someone
reads anything at all. I had hoped to stay out of the Dan Brown thing,
but after seeing
Colin’s post,
and then today seeing a
friend’s MSN name set to something like “Da Vinci Code
movie… unf unf”, it’s time to chime in.

Yes, I’ve read it. I proudly display my hardcopy on my
bookshelf. It’s just not a good book. Overall, the quality of the
thing is on par with that of
Seal Team Seven: Nucflash.
I was very much surprised to see, a year after finishing reading it, the revival that has taken place. Somehow, the exact same book was able to return to the new releases shelf of my local Chapter’s. I was not too surprised, however, to see that there are plans to make a movie based on the subject matter of The Da Vinci Code, since it’s
already been done.

Really, I struggle with what is worse: that the readers of this book believe the subject matter is real, or that Dan Brown believes it to be real. Good job on the research there, Danno.

Anyways, here’s a quick list of books from my library that are far better than Danno’s 450 pages of effluvia. I will try to relate them to The Da Vinci Code based on some common theme.

Modern day books with an equivalent level of factual historical basis:

Books where the protagonist has an obscure occupation:

Books with pretty pictures (if you have the illustrated version of The Da Vinci Code):


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May 18, 2005 at 10:18 am

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